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Painting entitled "An Nas"
Antique Wood Framed piece.
Size: 30inx40in
Mixed medium:Acrylics, paper, oil stick,fabric.
Style: Neo Pop Expressionism ...
Price: DM me or email me .
A short Story behind this painting is the idea of "social distancing" and how it relates to black people. Historically black people have been distanced socially from slavery to Jim Crow laws.
I began this painting with one black male image and I kept adding more male black figures as if I was fighting the idea of distancing us socially. Creating a social, collective of people who need more connecting than distancing.
After painting each black male image, I had this empty space on the left side of the canvas, so I added the Quranic arabic word "An Nas", written above the English term "social creatures" which is one of the meanings of the words An Nas.
I don't mean creatures like animals or monsters but more like in a psychological, sociological since, that we are social creatures by nature.

An NAS, The Social Creature

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