The Art

Orignal work was Acrylic, oilstick and paper on canvas, 16 x 20 in. 

The idea behind the painting is simple its the celebration at the end of Ramadhan. The word EID means reoccuring happiness and mubarak means blessed.I wanted to change up the typical arabic image of Islamic words, so I went with a more experssionist versionof the letters and came up with this. The "M" in Mubarak is a crown like Basquiat use to use and the 'U" is a "V" just to make it distinct. I added an abstract Muslim person holding up the peavsce sign because Islam means piece.


The  thick, super-heavyweight matte poster prints have a 10.4 mil thickness and delivers a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution.


The Artist

One of the most original and influential artists of this generation, Khalid "KHA-TEES" Sabree is  producing deceptively unsophisticated-looking works that belied a complex and unique talent. Born in Harlem of Black Muslim Parents from North Carolina descent, Khalid first gained notoriety with POP artwork. He started to change his style with paintings that incorporated a fusion of Quranic words, Hip Hop symbols, stick figures, Jazz images, and historical and cultural references. He calls his style Neo_pOp Expressionism but he says he really doesnt have a name for it yet.