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"The Evolution of Cassius" graphic crewneck sweater. With the hand screen printed graphic of the words "CASSIUS DIED SO THAT MUHAMMAD MAY LIVE" , it makes this epic crewneck standout among the crowds.


Made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

For care instructions: Hand wash in warm water and soap or machine wash with same colors and air dry.


My Love for Muhammad Ali is based in that we come from the same race and religion.
As a young black american Muslim kid growing up in the projects of Harlem our superman was a black Muslim man named Muhammad.
Muhammad was the most excellent name you could have if you grew up a black Muslim in America, it dignified your heritage and connected you to your past. Every Muhammad we new was Honorable, the Muhammads we new never sold drugs, never sold dope, never drank alcohol, The Muhammad we knew was righteous. Not like the Muhammads you see now, selling pork, selling dope, selling alcohol, etc, etc. They put shame on that name.

Cassius is a good name but for Muhammad Ali it was a name given to him for our past and Muhammad was a name for our future. Our new life in America, where we were 2 Live. PEACE.

"Evolution of Cassius" black crewneck

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