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size 24in x 20 in
Acrylics + Marker on canvas.
Each framed in black wood
.. The series came about after looking at @asherald
Work and researching Barkley Hendricks work. I wanted to try more subtle yet vivid images for my work. I still wrote on my piece but not as much. The main characters are flattened to the surface and yet decorated behind them is another style of paint. I wanted colorful backgrounds but intricate designs and flat images all in one frame. . The words to the top left say " Moor, More Muslim, Spain: insinuating the need for Muslim influence in a society thru art, architecture and spirituality like what the moors did in Spain. This was a very long process but I pushed myself to make them look simple and less tedious. .

Each Black Muslim Moor image is not really facially recognizable and was taken from paintings done from that period on the clothing that they wore. I wanted to make the colors look flat yet Pop on the canvas.
.. .The title refers to our Black Muslim heritage that we as a people all share but most of us don't know and was deliberately kept away from us in our public schools.

Eye am "MOOR" than U know (SERIES)

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