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 New PRINT Entitled:
Fine Art Paper Bleed - 0.25in Bleed (0.25in on each side) 
Size: 16in x 20in Print

About the painting: This painting is a Neo-Pop impressionist expression of Fatherhood. The older male image is in the front but out of full site and the younger make image is seen behind him, representing the role of fathers to their sons. The older image being slightly out of focus represents the idea of leading and moving out of ghe role of leadership and preparing his son/future to take over.

In the back if the son image is an image of a shield/family crest representing legacy and wealth. The positions of the word Father and hood is done to allude to the idea that we need more fathers in our hoods to create an equilibrium for our unbalanced communities.
On a last note, I believe what was taken from us as we were brought here from Africa was our humanity and the male principle of fatherhood is a natural phenomenon that was taken from us and needs to be resurrected in our communities for us to evolve in yo.
This print is 16x20 Archival Matte Fine Art Paper 

"Father's Make the Son-Shine" PRINT

SKU: 3121
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