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Entitled: Hey Zeus! iz Breaking News.
Size 16x20in
Mixed Media: Acrylics,pen,marker and Paper on cardboard placard.
Swipe left to see different parts of painting.
Short Summary: As we watch several states take down confederate statues or some countries take down sculptures that promote "white supremacy", we as a nation or as a world people have yet to tackle the connection between creating G-d as a "white male" and the subtle and overt implications of that being the leading cause of White supremacy or Race- Ism in the world. ( and no making G- d black is not the solution). This painting tackles that issue in a subtle way but still is direct in its messaging. The black male image throwing down a mythological European sculpted image ( Zues) is a metaphor for black people throwing away our inferiority complexes that are connected to us seeing white as holy and pure and black as nasty and sinful.

The @whitneymuseum references are a direct shout out to the protests ( Faith Ringgold and Romare Bearden were involved) that were done in front of the museum 50 years ago that dealt with the need for more black representation in that museum and we are still having those conversations today. (the solution is to build more black art galleries and black art museums) We've come along way but still have long way to go. ....

Hey Zeus! iz Breaking News

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