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Acrylics, Marker, pen, pencil, oil stick and paper bag on canvas.
Size: 36x24in

This piece was inspired by one of my favorite artist Titus Kaphar and how he uses the actual canvas as the message in the painting by tearing it, cutting it or hiding another painting behind the actual painting. It made me want to create such a work but with my take on it.

The painting on the canvas is of the Charles Schultz cartoon characters called The Peanuts Gang with Linus and Franklin meeting for the first time in innocence but juxtaposed on top is a painted @MaisonMargelia shopping bag with 3 images of Franklin in different colors and structures.

In my own way I'm describing how the commercial world affects the innocence of our lives when they only see us as consumers as oppose to human beings with real agency.

I'm also discussing in symbolism the fact that we as a people spend to much on European Fashion and not enough on our own brands.

I use Franklin as the protagonist in a lot of my paintings because he's innocent in his make up and most of us are innocent of the narrative given to black people in America but the hope is that our innocence will carry us through the negativety and build a new world of growth and prosperity by our own hands.


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