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A 4 part series of paintings created  with Acrylics, marker, Pen , Nike Box on canvas.

size 24in x 36in



In my opinon brand loyalty campaign is most successful when it addresses the attributes that are crucial to its segment of the market. A Subaru will keep your kids safe. A Lincoln will make you as cool as Mathew McConaughey. When a company ignores consumer trends, they lose brand-loyal customers. I also see how mareting agencies focus on Brand loyalty as early as 3 year old children through cereals and toys but also with fashion.


This painting addreses this issue with plauful word play and construction. Using a real Nike sneaker box as the foreground to a background for a famous child cartoon makes the viewer want to look behind the box but cant because its overshadowed by the cartoon characters ofWyle E Coyte and The Road Runner.

"How to create brand Loyalty" #3

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