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Painting entitled: JAZZ iz HIP HOP iz JAZZ...
Size: 48 x 36
Acrylics, marker and oil stick.

This painting was inspired by my childhood memories of listening to my father play Jazz records in the house. Records from Miles, Monk, Mingus, Coltrane, etc were always being played by my father on this huge 70s record player cabinet. I was not really close to my father but I remember this so vividly.

As I got older and Hip Hop was on the rise in the early 80s. I started listening to this new black creative soundtrack called Hip Hop. Listening to early cats like Run DMC, Grandmaster flash, Kold Krush brothers, etc, etc but my father never played Hip Hop in the house but for me it was new and speaking to my generation.

The painting is saying that Hip Hop and Jazz are connected and are intertwined because they come from the same African American people. I use the color red to symbolize passion and I crossed out letters to say that they can seen as the same. I also put musical instruments and boom boxes to show a since of the tools if the trade.

Jazz artist and early Hip shop artist were both used by the racist record companies and both Jazz and Hip shop artist created from an intuitive spirit that was being built from pure genius.

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"JAZZ iz HIP HOP iz Jazz iz HIP HOP"

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