The idea behind creating this product was sparked by the idea to create art that you can put on a mantle and also wear it to a party, a club or to an art show. The idea came to me as I saw Fashion Designer Virgil Abloh design for Ikea and Artist Takashi Murakami create for Louis Vuitton and how this cross pollination of Fashion, Art and furniture was coming together.


We at KHA-Tees are determined to be a leader in the art world by creating different types of art work that can be seen anywhere by the human eye. There is no direct theme to the boxes but there is a central theme of creativity that connecys all the art pieces together. The word "HEIR PLANE" is a continous word in some of the pieces and it represents me as an artist being able to have heirs directly from me as I pass from this world and indirect heirs  who will continue my type of thinking and art work in the world.


Each one of a kind "Day Box" comes with...

1. An original 4 x 5in painting on canvas.
2. A "surprise" T- shirt ( you select your size)
3. An Afro-naut sticker decal.
4. A die-cast "Heir Plane" pin.

Migrate/Ride don't Hide "DAY BOX"