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We praise our sneakers like a G-d not knowing egyptians had  a G-d named SHU.

Painting entitled: SHU was god in Egyptology. 
Size 36in x 42in
Acrylics, marker, oil stick on canvas. 

This painting was inspired by seeing the documentary called " SneakerHeadz", where they explored the growing love of sneaker culture from around the world. 

As a kid I was never a sneaker head ( because I couldn't afford them)  but I always wanted fresh kicks but I also remember that people were being killed for sneakers and robbed at gunpoint for sneakers and for me that was a major turn off as I got older,  that people would need sneakers so much they would kill for them....

As I was constructing this painting I was aware of the word "shoe" and the word "Shu" in Egyptian religion is god of the air and supporter of the sky. So I made the connection between how the literal shoe separates you from the ground and your feet and the symbolic meaning of the word Shu which means the god of the sky or air, which is not the land.

More importantly I saw the connection between our worship of shoes/ sneakes/kicks in this materialistic environment and the idea that there was a god called shu thousands of years ago made me create this idea. So in this painting shows a male figure standing with one large shoe on and the other foot doesn't have a shoe creating a seen of imbalance. There is also word's saying "MATERIAL IS NOT LONG LASTING"  and  "CAN ONLY AFFORD ONE PAIR" that is written to convey the idea of desperation of purpose as a human being.

More can be said but I'll let the buyer find out more gems 💎as he or she purchases this piece, now being sold on 

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