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Painting entitled: "SUN Ra +  Son Raised"
Size 36in x 40in
Acrylics, oil stick, Marker, Paper on cardboard 

I was inspired by the music of Sun Ra and other black musicians whose music is speaking of futuristic styles of patterns in thier music. Even Parliament Funkadelic as well as Miles Davis later work.

The actual photograph that I built the painting around is a famous ancient Nigerian sculpture from the 14th century, that had missing hands and that made me want to create a new image that had hands and was holding something of value, like a child. 

I used a reinterpreted version of "elroy Jetson"
and made him black to represent the future of black people is in the children. Afro Futurism to me is in the family because without the black family,  there's no black future. 

SunRa + Son Raised

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