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PRINT size 24in x 36in is thick, super-heavyweight matte poster prints have a 10.4 mil thickness and delivers a vivid image with maximum color accuracy and exceptional resolution.


This print entitled "THE NEW HARLEM RENAISSANCE"
Is an older painting that was created to give light on the new genre of artists coming out of Harlem, including myself. It wasn't a brag or a conceited effort but it was a confidence expression in my art work. I see myself as a child of Harlem who's grown up to be a man of Harlem.

In the painting I wanted to express movement, change, development all with words and color.
The arrows and lines represent my childhood exploration of Harlem, my times walking around finding out new places and spaces by myself or with my younger brother as we matured through our searches. Or to my growing up in the age of Heroine and crack but never succumbing to those oppressive tactics or strategies ( by bad forces in our govt) that plaqued Harlem as a kid. But I don't express the harm that was Harlem, I show the good in Harlem, like places like @heathgallery , @mintons_harlem @abyssinianbc, @schomburgcenter
and ofcourse my old Mosque, Masjid Malcom Shabazz on 116th st and Lenox.

I grew up a Muslim Black kid in the projects of Harlem to a devout Muslim Mother who taught me and my siblings, right and wrong, good and bad but more importantly who taught me that I was a good human person who needed to do good in the world.

This painting is very close to me and it is my first "metaphorical self portrait" that I created. Its symbolic and still straight forward, it's complex and plain at the same time...and whoever purchases it, I hope it serves you well

The New HARLEM Renaissance "PRINT"

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