New Painting Entitled "The Radiant Sujood"
Size 6in x 8in
Mixed Medium : Acrylics and Marker on canvas
Price: DM me for serious inquiries

Short story about this piece: The image is first an ode to Keith harings Radiant Baby piece but it's also another way for me to represent the meaning of our Muslim prayer positions. The word radiant means bright or illuminated and the arabic word sujood means to prostrate in worship but its also represents the highest form in worship in Al- Islam. Our prayer is also seen as education of the soul, so the words "radiant sujood" can also imply en "light" enment thru worship.
In this position the heart is above the head which is on the ground representing connecting to the earth and the heart ( spiritual sensitivities) being more important than our own small thinking during our relationship with G-d.
The piece was made from 6 separate small canvases each painted to make one larger image. Each piece is signed by the artist. This image was also used in my now sold "Qiyaam" piece and I plan to use it on other merch like Tees, bags and other ideas I have but let's start with purchasing the original first.

The Radiant Sujuud