painting by Kha-Tees
Size 20in x 24in
Acrylics, oil stick and marker on canvas.

After seeing the last debate and listening to various persons like Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins and others. I decided to create a Painting inspired by those old 1960s presidential posters ( like the JFK + LBJ poster) and  also (IM A MAN placards) that make a direct connection to that time 60 years ago and seeing those same issues still exist in the black community.

Basically I'm with the mind to vote but with knowledge of what we want as a group and not as an emotional non thinking citizen.

I don't believe we should be all Dems or all Repubs but use both parties to get what we need for our group, like other groups do.

No ones gonna push irrational fears to get me to vote, I'm gonna vote strategically.


Before integration in the 1960’s Winston Salem, North Carolina had a black city bus line, Black theatres, Black hotels, Black restaurants and Black communities. But now all of these things are gone." (p. 55) of the book POWERNOMICS by Dr Claude Anderson

We should vote but whoever wins shouldn't stop us collectively taking care of our own black families, our own black businesses and our own black community. Let's build like the Koreans, the Italians, the Irish, the Jews of America, who still economically prosper regardless to who's president.



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