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Khalid Sabree grew up in Harlem to an artistic family. There was always either painting, drawing, sketching, singing, and dancing in the house from one of his 6 siblings. Khalid went to Art and Design High School where he majored in illustration. He went to New York University where he studied Fine Art and Parsons School of Design where he studied Graphic Design. Khalid calls himself an “Neo POP Impressionist”. Not an illustrator, Cartoonist, or a Graffiti artist. Khalid believes that art is his gift and that he has the unique ability to express it through different mediums. His latest venture is called “KHA-Tees” a Design business where he combines his love of Fashion and Art to create different types of art expressions on T-shirts and canvases. Khalid hopes to be able to take his business to another level where people will finally see artist as not just creative people but also as Creative Wealthy People.  
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