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Painting entitled: "American't or James Baldwin + T.H.E.M"
Size 9in by 10in
Mixed media: Acrylics, oil stick, marker and paper on canvas. Comes with Frame.
For sale: DM me or email me @
As I was completing this painting I saw the trailer for the film "Judas and the Black Messiah" and it reminded me of my parents generation who were all trying to be human beings in America but were treated like animals by a white Supremacy system of injustice.

Most of our people wanted to be human and wanted to express there natural human life, so they joined these groups, The Nation of Islam, The Black Panther Party, The Marcus Garvey Movement, etc, etc to find freedom for there humanity. For me these black movements were really subconsciously movements of our human souls that wanted to be free from the shackles( laws, religoius doctrine and false education) that kept us and others believing that we were not human.

So for me after re-reading his book "The Fire Next Time", where Mr. BALDWIN ( The great literary) goes to meet with Mr. MUHAMMAD ( The great Social Reformer) was to me a sign of us as a people realizing on a bigger scale that only we working together can free us from this caste system of White Supremacy and that American't.

"American't" or "James Baldwin + T.H.E.M"

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