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"Astro Boy Meets The Afro-Naut"
Size 36in x 37 in
Mixed media: Acrylics, paper, marker on wood.
Free delivery to all 5 boroughs.

This idea germinated when I saw a wood crate top with an arrow and the word "UP" on it, that was left on the sidewalk and I saw an automatic framed art piece in my head. As I kept looking at the wood grooves and color I saw patterns and other images on top of the patterns. ....
The piece is connected to my early childhood watching early mecha anime cartoons on a black and white TV in Harlem back in the day. My brothers and I would watch shows like Cyborg 009, Raideen and Gigantor and feel that we could fly. This piece is supposed to do the same for the viewer. The back drop being the Afro-naut head with his helmet, Gazelle spex ( colored in new @pantone blue color) and helmet, looking onward. The Louis Vuitton pattern was a touch of mixed marketing I thought of as again I saw the patterns in the wood.


SKU: 445
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