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B-Boy in colorful Clouds
Size: 48in by 36in.
(comes with bronze colored frame)
Acrylics, Paper, Marker on canvas.

This photo was taken at my second Group Show I'm The Bronx at my short stay as an Artist and Resident at the @afhbronx back a few years back.

I painted this based on the Graff writers who I would see painting on subway cars, Brick walls, handball courts and anywhere else the could throw up a piece of thier art work. I was always amazed at how a person could create art by just using home spray paint cans and a little imagination.

I was never a Hip Hop head but it was all around me growing up in Harlem in Grant projects. I would see these characters with big Eyes , big Gazelle Glasses and big feet sporting addidas or puma sneakers all around the parks hand ball courts or on the side of buildings.

Seeing these characters and imagining them coming to life and walking the streets was my daily routine during school hours. My older brother joined a break dancing crew and I would see what he wore and then see the same type of clothing on these characters on the walls and subway cars, it was totally mind blowing. The Kangol hats, the fingerless gloves, the gold chains, the Adidas tracksuits, etc, etc.

As I got into studying art in High School at Art and Design, I started to see the connection between contemporary art and what I was seeing in the streets of NY. I would go to Museums and Galleries and see work by Cy Twombly, Romare Bearden, Picasso and then see the Graff artist like COPE, Futura, Tats Cru etc, etc and for me I was seeing the relationship between art in Galleries and art in the literal streets. For me it changed my perception of what art is and what art isn't, I never saw art the same way again.

B-Boy in colorful clouds

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