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Size: 20in x 24in
Mixed medium: Acrylics, oil stick, marker and paper on canvas.

This painting came out of a discussion in one of my online stock classes about Non Fungible tokens as crypto currency continues to evolve and how selling digital art online is lucrative for artist.
I also saw businessman @mcuban and @damienhirst the artist talking about NFTs as well.

* and yes the japanese word says Gojira ( Godzilla) in the top left corner, representing the aggressive nature of this shift in the art world.

The idea is about selling your art in all ways that you can and not being stopped by the old 20th century way only by gallery approvals or even Art festivals, this is just my satirical way of expressing my view. I'm still learning about the process but I will always educate myself when it comes to different platforms to sell art.

"Bitcoin Bilal sells Digital Artwork online"

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