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New original Painting Entitled: COTTON, THE FABRIC OF "OUR" LIVES.
Size 16in x 20in
Acrylics, Marker on canvas
Price: DM me

The more I did research on Memorial day I found out that it started by Black soldiers’ families who held a parade and decorated the graves on May 1, 1865. Back then, it was an event that was known as “Decoration Day.” Today, the holiday is known as Memorial Day, after Congress passed a law in 1968. The move made Memorial Day an official federal holiday that went into effect in 1971.

So this painting is connecting cotton as the literal fabric of our Nation due to us picking it as a economics boost for our country and also connecting cotton as the figurative meaning to represent us as the fabric that was used to to build the American ideal of Freedon, while we were enslaved.

This painting was made to show our resilience, our excellence, our humanity as a people who fought Wars, fought domestic terrorist, fought drug wars and still we rise. We are America, the very fabric of America and it's our turn to own America economally now.

I've put hidden messages in the painting that can only be seen at an angle or how the light hits it and also used wordplay to give the onlooker more ways to read words and thier meanings. Even the copy right symbol used which means the exclusive legal right, given to an originator of something is directly connected to us being originators of everything.

This is another painting inspired by artists like Titus Kaphar, Betty Saar, David Hammonds and others that used American iconography to express thier messages.

Cotton: The Fabric of "OUR" Lives

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