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New painting just in time for the Muslim Holidays , get this for your Eid gift or get a print of this painting. (The Muslim Holidays of Eidul Adha or the reoccurring happiness of the enlightening of man's intellect). As the Hajj season is about to close, we celebrate what could of been and what will be next year " Insha Allah" G- d willing.
The painting was intentionally done with no arabic so as to say that all islamic paintings dont have to have arabic but also to say that english speaking muslim Artists can visualize Al-Islam in thier own langauge as well.
The image of a man praying and light illuminating from him is a symbolic expression of how praying illuminates your mind and soul and how you become enlightened through prayer.
The idea is inspired by the radiant baby painting by Keith Haring and is almost an.extension of that painting meaning that we start out as radiant babies and become radiant adults if we keep to our evolved spiritual nature.
Size: 16in x 20 w/ (white frame 18in x 22in)
Mixed Media : Acrylics, pencil and oil paint marker.


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