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"Heir Plane" circa 2020
Mixed Medium: Acrylics, Marker on canvas

Short Summary of painting.
This painting is a metaphor of me and My wife giving our children ( Heirs) wealth thru Real Estate, Land and Stocks. (The R,S, L written on the bowls). The line with no money sign on it represents my art work that will be left behind that can't be estimated until my transitioning to my next existence.The Plane is a metaphor for any parent who flies above their bad circumstances or problems and achieves generational wealth that is passed down to generation to generation.

The childish type of drawing/ painting was done again as a metaphor for children, who are born optimistic and full if happiness 😊 and I wanted that to be shown through colors and juxtaposition of the images.

A lot more can be said but I'll let the buyer see what they want to see in my painting.

* and its oh so cool to wear my "Heir-Plane" Pin
while standing in front of my " Heir-Plane art piece..


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