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Each framed piece is an authentic "Transit Service Sign" painted on, using Acrylics, markers, and paper. I also wanted to connect with the 80s Hip Hop fashion and connect with the subway because they became the canvas for most graffiti artists. This specific iamge is connected to Brookly Rapper GZA whose words are in the background from his song "LIQUID SWORDS", which states "Now, when the MC's came to live out the name. And to perform, some had. To snort cocaine, to act insane. Before Pete Rocked it on". I also put a GZA/WuTang logo on the shorts. He's also wearing the blue and cream wallabees as described by Ghostafce Killa in the song "Glaciers of ICE".

Hip Hop NYC Subway Sign: Brooklyn

SKU: 3212
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