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This piece with the Afro-Naut and the word FLY is a connection yo the old school term "FLY" meaning cool or looking good. The abstarct black lines reperesent the tarin lines while the body of the cahsrter is cut up pieces of drawings I made from art sketches.

Besides The Bronx being the birth of Hip Hop 50 years ago...this specific station at 161st Yankee Stadium is the stop I would take from Harlem to meet my potential wife at Masjid Taqwa wa Jihad at 901 Anderson Ave near Jerome Ave ( its no longer there) ...The Masjid is where I also learned a lot of my Qur'anic studies from different teachers but most importantly my Marriage and Family life began here and it has elevated me to a status, I could never imagine.

PS* Videos are inspired by Keith Haring videos of him painting in the subway stations all around NYC back in the 80s.

Hip Hop Subway Sign: 161 St. The Bronx

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