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This painting is remeniscent of my experinces during my college years at NYU during the 90s. The words in his shirt are from an early rap song called "SUBWAY RAP" from an early HIP HOP film called "Wild Style". I grew up when Hip Hop was being created from Gazelle Glasses to Grafitti all was HIP HOP.


West 4th St. station was my stop I would get off to go to college at @nyuniversity from 1991 to 1994, studying Fine Arts as a Major. I would take the D at 125th and get off on West 4th st. It was exciting for me because I was in a very different environment from Harlem and it was a great place to experiment with different art ideas and concepts.
During breaks, I would watch the eccentric and strange people who hung around the fountain and would listen to the Hip Hop Cyphers that just popped up at random times in the park. I also remember going to @fatbeats to listen to underground Hip Hop records that weren't out yet.
It was an exciting time to be creative inside and outside of school.

Hip Hop Subway Sign: West 4th St Station

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