Size: 2feet by 2feet by 2in
Acrylics, Marker, oil stick, paper on canvas.

Quick Summary of painting:
There's never one quick explanation to my paintings, there is so much going on, so many conversations with one theme being discussed but over all this painting is about creating black wealth through black business.

At the top right corner, I use the white owned company "Arm + Hammer" logo as a backdrop to the overlay of continuous words of the legend of "John Henry" to symbolically represent the power of a black man's ability when given the chance to compete in the industrious world.

At the bottom left corner is the @webuyblack logo overlay on top of a futuristic blue print looking type image symbolically saying the future for our success is black economics.

A lot can be said about this painting but I'll let the buyer ask me more about the painting to him or her when they purchase it.


MAKE WEALTH not money!!!!

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