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Entitled: "Our Shining Black Prince"
Size 40in x 36in
Acrylics, Marker, Paper on canvas

He was one of the men I wanted to be like as a young black Muslim kid. I never idolized the drug dealer, the pimp, the gang banger as a black Muslim kid, I knew that was "death culture" but being Muslim Black kid, Malcom X and Muhammad Ali were "alive and conscious culture" and it was exciting to me as a kid.

We knew he was the best student of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and never separated him from that history. We would listen to old tapes and read books of his speeches, hoping to influence our people like him or motivate our people like him but as I got older I realized, I shouldn't imitate Malcolm X but I should emulate his Masculinity and bravery through my art work and my career as an artist, so today we salute you and love you, Malcom X.


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